-20 yo 3rd yr at NEU-

Hello There!
So nice to see you!
I've pretty much stopped text-posting, so now it's mostly gifs and pictures of sports, movies, video games, and general miscellany... Hope you enjoy. Much Love.



IMMA COME AT THIS PAPER LIKE A SPIDER MONKEY!  This is gonna be the best effing paper in the fucking world!  And I don’t know why I used effing in the first part of the sentence, then said fucking anyways in the second part.  My brain is going a million miles a minute.  It’s a miracle I can understand what I’m writing…  By the end of this, my sentences will be so complex and convoluted that I won’t even understand what I’m saying, thus allowing the professor to interpret it however she likes…  Win…  Kbai

Paper Time?

Now?  Really?  I’m impressed with myself…  If I get to about page 3, I’ll even give myself a high-five maybe!  :D  don’t judge…