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I've pretty much stopped text-posting, so now it's mostly gifs and pictures of sports, movies, video games, and general miscellany... Hope you enjoy. Much Love.


Tomorrow is National Hugging Day


But be smart about it. From the holiday’s website: “National Hugging Day always suggests at least asking first.”

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I’m back in New Jersey, but I feel like I’d much rather be in Boston.  Everyone I really enjoy being around is up there (except for you, Ry, of course).  And I really do miss everyone.  I was actually a little choked up as I took the elevator down from the sixth floor…  If it wasn’t for the fact that most people had already left, I probably would’ve lost it a bit.  

In other news, I ran into a girl who goes to NU on the airport shuttle.  I had never met her before.  She lives in the same building as me…  needless to say, it was a n awkward conversation.  But she seemed nice enough and maybe she’ll be around next semester.  Meh, I’ve stopped actually caring about who likes me and who I like and such…  As long as there’s no drama, I think everything can work out the way it should be.  This will be my mindset for the next few hours, until the typical teenage angst takes control of my brain again.  I’m an emotional derp.  Literally.  

Now starts the “figuring out what to do with my break” part of break…  crap…  walks are out of the question.  my car has been handed down to my sister.  I have to spend a considerable amount of time with my family, which won’t be exactly fun.  But you never know…  I just wish I had some of my friends from school here to make this break a bit more…  Homey, I guess…

Anyways, Merry Christmas!  Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Festivus, Happy(?) Ramadan (is that even this month?), and whatever you may celebrate.  And then, a Happy New Year!  Unless you celebrate Chinese New Year, in which case I’m jumping the gun a bit.  And to all a good night!

Green Christmas

"Green, cause of everything I’ve missed

All this mistletoe, no kiss

And with every Christmas wish

There would be no greater gift

Than to have this envy lift”

-Barenaked Ladies

For all of those who say that it’s too early for Christmas.  Something to show you I sympathize…  Now let me sing, damnit!

For all of those who say that it’s too early for Christmas.  Something to show you I sympathize…  Now let me sing, damnit!